What we do:

We professionally service and install burglary, fire, CCTV, access control and home automation systems. We employ licensed alarm agents and technicians.

We serve schools, hospitals, banks, stores, restaurants, wineries, brewing companies, warehouses, water companies, storage facilities -- and your local mom and pop stores. Residential mobile homes, big and small jobs.
If there is a need for security we are there.
Our technical assistance staff is available 24 hours a day.

Services we offer:

Open/Close Monitoring – Our Central Station can monitor when an alarm system is armed or disarmed, preventing unauthorized access to a home or business. A client can also be notified if the alarm system has not been armed by a specified time. In addition, clients may also opt to receive weekly or monthly activity reports of all openings and closings.

Cellular Back-Up – With the installation of a cellular back-up device, our Central Station can monitor an alarm system in the case that the telephone line has been disabled or does not exist. This is an excellent option for places that need protection but are unable to have a standard telephone line.

Service Agreement – We offer our clients a service agreement, that eliminates service call charges. Only parts charges would apply!

Annual System Test – We encourage our clients to test their alarm system once a year! Clients can opt to be notified when their system test is due. With a scheduled appointment, a qualified technician will check an alarm system is functioning by testing devices, batteries and communication with our Central Station. System Test charges do apply.

Automatic Credit Card Billing – Tired of stamps and statements? We offer the option for automatic billing to a credit card! Enrollment is easy! Just fill out an Authorization form, found under “SUPPORT” and return it to our office!

The State of California Bureau of Security and Investigative Services (BSIS) License Number ACO7490

You can reach us at 707-263-3567 or toll-free at 800-353-3583

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Phone: 707.263.3567
Fax: 707.263.9006